Can you see?

The blind man in this Sunday’s Gospel is an endearing figure. Jesus uses him to teach many lessons. 

First, illness/injury is not connected to sin. The disciples ask, “Who sinned that this man was born blind, him or his parents?” Jesus says neither he nor his parents caused his blindness by sinning.  

Dear Friends

We want everyone to be safe and healthy during this Covid-19 crisis. Therefore, we have decided not to meet in person this coming Sunday March 15th.  However, we would like to celebrate the Third Sunday of Lent with you in a Liturgy of the Word by telephone conference call! The directions for that are in this weeks letter from Jean and Ron —we invite you to join us if you are able at 5:00PM. All are welcome!  

Dear Friends,

As Jesus called Peter and Andrew and James and John to follow him, he commissioned them as fishers of men and women. So the question for us following in their footsteps is: “for whom would we be fishing?”. 

Dear Friends,

As we journey into Lent the Sunday Gospel reading from a few days before Ash Wednesday is still on my mind. The passage ended with the words: “Be perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.” This line, perhaps more than any other Bible verse, has succeeded in pounding guilt and shame

Dear Holy Ones of The Spirit of Life,

Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year, prompts many religions to celebrate light. Native Religions have celebrations with fire. The Hindus have Diwali, Jewish tradition celebrates Hanukkah, Christianity celebrates the coming of Jesus the light of the world. As there is so much darkness around us, it is so important that we be bearers of light, of truth, of love, of peace.  We enclose this blessing from Jan Richardson to accompany you!