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This Sunday, we hear the Gospel story of the Woman at the Well, the Samaritan Woman. She ultimately asks Jesus for the Living Water he has promised. This prompts us to reflect on water. Last week I shared with you, my reflection on

Masaru Emoto’s The Miracle of Water. Emoto reminds us that our bodies are made up 70% of water. He photographs water crystals. Before freezing the water he is about to photograph, Emoto experimented with the influence of words on the water. He wrote a positive message like “I can do it” or “you are strong” on a piece of paper and put it near the water and then froze the water. When he photographed the frozen water crystals, they were perfectly formed. Then he wrote a negative message, like “You are stupid” or “it’s hopeless” on a piece of paper and put it near water and froze it and photographed it. These water crystals were deformed, their design broke apart. Emoto’s point is that we (comprised 70% of water) can change our way of being in the world by changing the messages we send our water-made-up-being. He says, “When you consistently think love and gratitude, you cannot help but be changed.” If a boss says, “I have a difficult job and I would like you to do it” and you respond, "I can do it,” you change yourself and your boss by your confidence. By the same token, if I say to a chaplain intern who is fearful of doing their first overnight on call, “You can do it.”  Sometimes they respond, “You have more faith that I can do this that I do.” I respond, “That’s why I chose you for this program because I think you can do it.”  This response empower others—it changes their water make-up to believe in themselves.

This Sunday after Eucharist in our spiritual discussion group, we will show a You-tube video of Emoto using his theory, come and see for yourself (as the Samaritan woman said to her neighbors.) Remembering this woman, Jan Richardson offers us this blessing, reminding us of the living water within us that Jesus promised:

Blessing of the Well

If you stand
at the edge
of this blessing
and call down
into it,
you will hear
your words
return to you.

If you lean in
and listen close,
you will hear
this blessing
give the story
of your life
back to you.

Quiet your voice
quiet your judgment
quiet the way
you always tell
your story
to yourself.

Quiet all these
and you will hear
the whole of it
and the hollows of it:
the spaces
in the telling,
the gaps
where you hesitate
to go.

Sit at the rim
of this blessing.
Press your ear
to its lip,
its sides,
its curves
that were carved out
long ago
by those whose thirst
drove them deep,
those who dug
into the layers
with only their hands
and hope.

Rest yourself
beside this blessing
and you will
begin to hear
the sound of water
entering the gaps.

Still yourself
and you will feel it
rising up within you,
filling every hollow,
springing forth

© Jan L. Richardson

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