Dear Friends,

 We pray you are safe and well.

 In the spirit of our philosophy of co-creating community and our awareness that the Spirit speaks through each of us, we invite you to share your meditations with us as well. We truly believe that in God’s economy of abundance, when we share our blessings, our thoughts, our feelings, we are all made richer.

You may be familiar with a Retreat House right on the ocean in Connecticut run by The Sisters of Mercy, called Mercy by the Sea. Today's Meditation offers two poems by Elaine Y. Olive from Mercy by the Sea, forwarded to us by Irene Desharnais.

 We invite you to join us as we commit ourselves to working tirelessly to end systemic and structural racism in our society, in healthcare, in the workplace, in the Church--wherever it shows up so that everyone may come to have more abundant life. May this meditation nourish our contemplative-active hearts and sustain all of us in action.

 We hope and pray that you and your loved ones experience genuine peace of mind and heart, and remain in good health during this challenging time.

 In this "Season of Ordinary Time" in the Church Year, may this be a time of peace, of healing and hope, of the infusion of joy in your life!

 With our love and care,

 Ron & Jean


Meditation Ninety-eight: "Simply Breathe" and "July Evening" (Elaine Y. Olive)


Simply Breathe

Have you really listened to the sea?

To its waves breathing in and out,

in and out

like our own breath.

Each wave kisses the shore

with lips of white, frothy surf,

then recedes,


and recedes again.


A reminder that

our breath is sacred,

a gift given at birth,

ending with death.

It's like waves gently lapping the shore,

in and out,

in and out.


No matter where you go in the world,

waves are the same,

just like us,

breathing in and out

each day.

As a child I often wondered where did the waves begin

as they never seemed to stop.

Now as an adult, I know it doesn't really matter,

they just are.

But every once and a while,

my inner child laughs with delight

imaging my Creator joyfully

jumping into stilled waters,

and with a rippling effect,

the waves began...

Elaine Y. Olive

July 8, 2020

Mercy by the Sea


July Evening

As I went to say "Good night"

to the full moon,

I was surprised to see

a miniature fireworks display

right outside my door!

In the air and bushes,

hundreds of fireflies

winking and blinking at me,

Doing what they do best,

simply being themselves

on a steamy, July evening.

As I listened more closely,

I heard crickets playing

their version of the 1812 Overture to

fireworks above!

My Creator's delightful way

to end a perfect day.